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About Us

The Virtual Origami Museum was first built in December 2017. The museum content allows you to view the biographies of origamists, hear what they have to say, see origami artworks they both designed AND folded plus view their web presence.

What Origami Is

Origami is paper folding or folding with another material to make a creation called a model. Purists do not allow cutting, gluing, coloring or other ways to add or subtract from the design, just changing the design by folding. Impure folding may be called kirikomi origami (with cutting and folding) or another type of art, if more than folding occurs.


It’s the Origami Place will bring together the general public and origamists. The museum will bring origami as art to the public to educate viewers on both those artworks and functional pieces. The classroom provides teachers to have a place to teach for pay and for patrons to be able to build and keep their own origami. The gift shop offers origami items for sale to origami enthusiasts and other patrons alike.



  • Submit to be an Origami Museum exhibitor. Include your name and country, biography, artist statement (ways you contribute to the origami community), origami artwork you designed and folded, web resources (your online presence). Please submit here to be included and email pictures here.

Web Consultant:

  • This is a volunteer opportunity. Clean up and improve the origami museum website, allowing the founder to easily make future edits or possibly for exhibitors to add content.


  • Help us build a museum in the way that best suits you.

To submit your application for participation, please email Lisa B. Corfman here.

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