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General Factors

Welcome page: Includes names, countries, self-representing images, and biographies plus a names link to origamist pages.

Status: When more online exhibitors are present, we may also put out calls for website exhibited work to participants for gallery or museum shows. Eventually it may be a non-profit. The goal is an actual museum in a set location in a decade or so, but in the meantime, the web presence or online presence and collection is growing.

Reminder: The web designer will be held harmless.
This is so if exhibitors write something for me to post, it will not be the director's fault. On the application, there is a place for phone and email, but that will not be posted. The director can gladly remove or change things if you email here. I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have other questions.


The model word “ORIGAMI” is part of the logo: This was designed by Wensdy Whitehead. It was folded by Wensdy Whitehead, Lisa B. Corfman, J. Rios and Jennie Deitsch. The model is in the possession of Lisa B. Corfman.

The Logo: Designed by Lisa B. Corfman incorporating Wensdy Whitehead's model with her permission.

Origamists pages: All given by the origamist or power of attorney, origami models are BOTH designed AND folded by the creator exhibiting with a possible artist statement per image. Origamist pages will have names and countries and can have a general statements and/or statement covering a body of images. Origamist web presence and other notes will be listed on their pages.

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