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Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek - Croatia

General Statement

I believe origami is a vanguard art able not only to transform paper but mind, heart and hand as well. So as I transform paper, this process changes me and leaves a trace within me as much as in the paper. But the dialogue is never just the two of us. It includes the people and events that touched my soul and those I hope to move or inspire. There are many modern origami artists I draw my inspiration from, yet I shall sum up all that influence into one name that inspired us all: Akira Yoshizawa Sensei.

Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek's Gallery

Chick's Head
Chick Head
I explore ideas in the process of folding paper. Movements in folds are my meditation. Color of paper often defines the mood of my conversation with paper. What you see is the result of it.
Origami Haiku
Origami Haiku
Black and white
a tree in the snow.

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