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Lisa B. Corfman - USA

General Statement

All my models are folded to end flat. I do this to make them frame-able and easy to store. Some are mounted on card, some are decorations on rocks with poems about them, some are parts of jewelry. Depictions are put into charcoal drawing and acrylic paintings with creative backgrounds. Most have my hand-drawn diagrams teaching the step-by-step. Please view my web presence and let me know your thoughts!

Lisa B. Corfman's Gallery

Color Pencil model
Color Pencil
Loving Smile model
Loving Smile
Trout model
Coffin model
Your Coffin
Candle model
Party Dress
Ball Dropping model
Shirt & Tie
Japanese Flag model
Japanese Flag
Kickboard model
Dolphin model
Stop Sign model
Shirt & Tie
Torch model
Nun model

Origamist Virtual Presence

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